Monday, September 7, 2015

May I Please Have a Cookie?

The book of the month for March is "May I Please Have a Cookie?" written by Jennifer E. Morris. This is a fun story about Alfie who loves his mommy's cookies. He wants one more than anything! But grabbing for one, fishing for one, and dressing up as a cookie inspector don't seem to work. His mommy says there is a better way. What is it? Saying PLEASE!

This story is a fun way to talk about using the word please with children! We played a game with cookies that went along with the story. Older children asked for different letter cookies and younger children asked for different color cookies. 
Below are the directions.

Sort the cookies so each player has one of each color or one of each letter, depending on which game you are playing. Take turns asking for a cookie from the other player. “May I have a red cookie please?” "May I have a letter A cookie?" This is a simple game to practice taking turns and to help young children learn colors or letters, while being polite. The cards can also be used to play memory or as a matching game.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

3D Art

When children are given materials to create with many times young children will create art that is flat and on paper. To get children to create more three dimensional art the teacher needs to provide a material to build off of or that can be used to attach items together. 

Foam, play dough or recyclable objects work great as a starting place to 
get children to think about creating three dimensional art.