Thursday, February 27, 2014

Hot Chocolate Shop

 Winter time is a great time to share a cup of hot chocolate with a friend. 
We turned our dramatic play center into a hot chocolate shop! 
So much learning can take place while children are pretending! 

The children took turns ordering hot chocolate and cookies as customers and other children were taking the orders. We counted out money as we ordered different size cups of hot chocolate. We had small, medium and large cups. As the orders came in the children also wrote down what was ordered.

Our hot chocolate and marshmallows were made out of felt.
 At clean up time the felt pieces turned into a sorting game.

We read a recipe when making hot chocolate.

We read a menu to find out how much things cost.

Book of the Month

Reading with children and instilling a love for books is one of the most important things to do with young children. Here at Lighthouse Learning Center we read several books each day that are meaningful and interesting to the children. Activities are also provided to expand learning with books. Props to retell stories are provided along with games related to books we have read. Each month a new book and activity will be sent home with the children. Check here for additional activities to do with your child related to the book of the month.

February 2014
By: April Jones Prince

 March 2014
By: Jennifer E. Morris

Valentine Friends

The book of the month for February is 
"Valentine Friends" written by April Jones Prince. This book is a great book to use with young children as well as older children. 

The simple words on each page make it easy to focus on vocabulary with younger children. "I found the cat, can you find the cat?" "What is that cat doing." "Oh, the cat is cutting." The book also encourages children to create a valentine card or bake a valentine treat for a friend.

Older children can use this book in many ways too. Each page contains two words that start with the same sound. It can be used to work on sounds that they hear at the beginning of the word. Children can point to each word in the book as you read the story. Encourage children to figure out each word by looking at the pictures and by reading the first letter of each word as clues to what the words on the page says. 

This book of the month is being sent home with a matching game with words that start with the same sound. The matches are (Penguin - Pours) (Cat – Cuts) (Dog – Draws) (Snail – Shuts)